Where to Start???

Some information about specific competition types from recent NWSKL seminars is available as PDF downloads:

Bud Hayes (a former Northwest Novice Champion) gives you a few pointers, some answers, and a lot of help in this series of pages and links that follows.     Thanks Bud!!!

This information is intended to answer some of your questions about competing in general as well as information specific to NWSKL events.   It will not cover everything, it would take books worth of information to cover it all, but this should give you an overview of what you need to get started.

If you have any additional questions or have suggestions of other information to incorporate into this resource we want to know.  Please help us make this information more useful as time goes on by emailing the author Bud Hayes.
Thanks for your help.

How do I get started in Sport Kite competitions?
  1. The Beginning
  2. Types of Competition
  3. Equipment
  4. The Flow of an Event
  5. Where Events Happen

Other Web Resources:

The American Kitefliers Association  (opens in another browser window)
The animations require a shockwave plug-in but it's well worth it the trouble!  Get Shockwave Kite Education Resources   (opens in another browser window) Kite Organizations   (opens in another browser window)